Snow Plows Lined Up

There are three basic types of price programs, each designed to work with all objectives of every AMERICAN SNOW REMOVAL SERVICE, client. Listed below are these three types of price programs complete with a description of each.

A seasonal contract provides a set cost for snow plowing and salting services performed during the winter season. This price option is tailored to the individual account requirements.

A per time contract provides a cost for all snow plowing, salting, and sidewalk services. The customer is billed only for work performed, and the amount of the invoice is determined by snow accumulation.

Snow removal services performed utilizing time and material basis. Totals are determined using a set hourly rate for the various types of equipment utilized at the client’s location.

Snow season schedule is from
November 1st, through March 31st
Custom service requirements and schedules are available.

Contact the "Snow Sales Manager" to have a no obligation estimate and site consultation.